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Lichis at Auchan


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Auchan have had loose lichis recently though they were nothing special,but today I rashly bought a ready bagged kilo for @2.60 which is a very good price in Europe.

Then was annoyed with myself as last week we'd discovered the local ethnic food and vegetable place were there was a good selection of exotic fruit and spices and we finally found some pinto beans, so it's refried beans tonight! The prices were good too though not quite as cheap or a vast choice as in Melton Road in Leicester. But I had decided I would prefer to give these Moroccans my business rather than faceless Auchan.

Was very pleasantly surprised - the Auchan Lichis were large juicy and a good 20% were 'chicken tongue' and so were lusciously fleshy so am having an even more luxurious exotic fruit salad tonight than normal.
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