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Can anybody tell me the equivilant pastry to the u..k. Flaky, puff and short crust.

I have seen Fuellette (spelling) Brisee, and Sable

I presume feullette is flaky, as it means sheets, but which of the other two is short crust -  if any. and is it sweet or savoury.


I want to make mince pies for my French neighbours but am hopeless at making pastry, which one shall use. I have been given 2 jars of mincemeat by a friend so all I need is the pastry.

As you can tell Iam not Delia.


Any advice would be welcome







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brisée is ordinary shortcrust, not sweet; I think that sablé is sweet shortcrust

Why not try TeamedUp's recipe for mascarpone pastry, given on another thread?

My pastry rarely looks good but the bought stuff never tastes good... and it doesn't take long, unless you are feeding multitudes.

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