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Pickled Walnuts


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Every Christmas I buy jars of expensive pickled walnuts from Tesco and every Christmas I think of the huge walnut tree in our French garden and wonder why I don't pickle my own - then I remember - it's because I don't know how to. Anyone got any suggestions / recipes?

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We discussed this earlier in the year.  You need to pick the walnuts whilst the nut is still soft...a needle will go right through the case and the nut.  I had a great fall of them with high winds so had a go but somehow forgot about them and had to chuck them out.  You soak them in a brine mix for a couple of weeks I think.

Google will give you recipes.

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Thanks, Alexis.

I had already searched the Forum for "Pickled Walnut" but got no hits. I have since searched on 'Walnut' and found the thread you were referring to. I had used Google but, like many things in life, there's nothing like getting advice from someone normal (sic) who's done it before!   

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