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I have been planning a little pary for a few friends and needed to buy in some lager. Most of the lager i buy is San Miguel from Spain but a friend pointed me me in the direction of Lidl supermarket and they sell Grafen Walder larger in 50cl cans for 30 cents. The party is not until March but thought i would stock up asap and can say this is not a bad lager at all, clean ,crisp and cheap unlike most of the French Phish water they sell in the Supermarkets. Now have 500 cans stocked piled for the party and about 100 litres of local wine. Cheers.


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Yes. Agree with you on the Lidl beer, its not bad at all and certainly a good price. We buy a lot of their wines too and havn't had one yet that wasn't undrinkable.Don't laugh,but the shandy isn't bad either when its hot and you can't have a beer because of driving.
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