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Thank you France, from McDo


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I know the mere mention of McDo on a French forum tends to upset those of a sensitive nature, but if you have 5 seconds to spare, have a skwizz at this extract from today's news.  It's a bit long, but I liked the stuff about the Tartars.

There’s a certain irony in the burger giant’s success in Russia: hamburger historians point to the nomadic horsemen of the steppes, the Tartars and others, who used to soften their beef fillets by keeping them under the saddles of their horses. They, however, would eat the beefsteak raw - the dish which, in its minced form, but still raw, has become the delicacy steak tartare, which one might consider a sort of DIY , ready-to-grill hamburger. Any self-respecting Frenchman, you would think, would throw up his hands in horreur at the idea of grilling his steak tartare, yet by all reports, the flourishing of McDonald’s 1,035 owned or franchised French restaurants has helped the US parent company recover its profits after a shaky spell. 

Jim Gilchrist

Got to laff, really, looks like people have forgotten poor old José Bové already. 

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I don't think we've been in 2005 yet.   Son has gone off McDo all by himself, which is perfectly fine by me!

OTOH, we so very rarely eat out now anyway, so it's not just McDo we don't go to!

We usually end up in a McDo at some point if we're travelling, especially out of season, because so many restaurants are closed, and there's a limit to how many km you want to drive into the wilds on the offchance that you'll find somewhere cheap and brilliant.  And open!


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Well Val, Good luck to Tescos, sure there are some, shall we say political issues, but they have a wide range of food both in variety and quality (everything from Value to Luxury) and a 'no quibble' returns policy. Typically British, even when they get it right, its wrong for some one !

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Quicks also get the vote by our two ,not that I frequent any , but on a`treat day` after a swim , the chorus is usually `can we eat at quicks`(one in a blue moon) other half actually prefers Flunch for the Menu Express, and boy can my lot make use of `libre` at the veg/spuds/chips bit!

As for Tesco making a huge profit....well no wonder really, Mr O recently spent the best part of £30 on `decent` none chocolate breakfast cereal alone, on a trip to UK

Mrs O

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