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Can I get my things back?


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I rented a private garage to store my furniture etc when I moved to France last year. I now want to put the things into my own property now that I have one, however, the owner of the garage is making it difficult for me to get my things. They say I have to prove that certain items belong to me. I have proof of purchase for some things but obvioulsy not everything as some items were presents, don't have all receipts etc. Are they right in what they say? Would I need to involve police or a solicitor? Can I not just go and take what I know is mine even though they dispute some of the items as being theirs? thanks in advance.
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What a nasty and vindictive thing for someone to do, has he really got no reason for this, have you fallen out with him over something else? I ask not to doubt you but because it seems such a wonton and confrontational thing to do !

Did you have the whole garage to yourself or were you sharing it with him or others ?

Even for the items which were gifts could you perhaps get a note from whomever gave them to you ?

Presumably you were paying him some rent so do you have a formal rental agreement - strictly speaking you should but if it's been a cash in hand arrangement and he hasn't declared it you could make things uncomfortable for him by reporting it.

Personally I'd be straight round the Gendarmes, that on it's own might be enough to make him see sense.

You do come across some really horrible people sometimes [:@] 

Bonne chance

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