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Gas barbecues - rot faster than an Italian car.

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We are now on our 2nd Gas BBQ. They only last a season at best. Ours is covered by a pukka cover during Summer, and in dry storage during winter - after a good clean and waft over with WD40.

The problems are:

1) the wire racks corrode to dust within weeks of light use, particularly the one holding the rocks.

2) The lava rocks shatter.

3) The burners corrode badly.

4) The metalwork (lid and case) just gets pock-marked and corrodes.

5) They are utter ba....ds to clean.

Both are of "reputable" make - one is a Weber, the other Outback. Both are made in China, of course.

Without spending a king's ransom, can anyone recommend something that will last a little longer?


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Opel fruit

If your 'weber' is made in china then it is not a real Weber which are made in Chicargo USA.

You might consider the 'real' weber gas BBQ as I imagine you have a gas kettle.

We've just bought one which is something I've wanted for years.


Its largely self cleaning and it has 25 year guarantee.

That should take care of your concerns

Of course the gas weber has the same marvelous taste as the charcole version

Bon appatite


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That's interesting! Our Weber appears genuine and was bought from one of the Bricos last year. It looks like crap now. It was at the bottom end of the price range - I wonder if there is a breakpoint above which you get US products?

The Outback one is totalled after about 20 uses. It is junk. The box it came in says something like "The China heavy metal Co."

Thanks for your knowledge so far.

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Yes in all seriousness I think that you are right about the lower end being less than 'the real thing'. I think that the yanks are suffering the same cost pressure as the rest of the world even thought this particular brand has consistently maintained is dominance ignoring price as a driving dynamic.

When I was consulting to them in the late 80's they were all made in the US. But now who knows. Certainly the 'kettle' range might have dropped of in quality but the gas oven range are still the market leaders in my opinion.

I take BBQing very seriously, we will use the Weber every day during summer. Its a better result than any kitchen based appliance by a country kilometer.


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Hey there Opal Fruit

I've just taken delivery of the above said Weber Gas BBQ at huge expense and GUESS WHAT>>>!!!!!!

I discovered to my bemusement that the much talked about 25 year guarantee is only for the heating elements. The remainder is a 1 year guarantee against rust for the enamel parts and 7 years for Inox (Stainless Steel).

My, how standards have slipped. 15 years ago the BBQ's made by Weber we much thicker metal and the guarantee was much better. On the other side of the coin though the price has not risen much in that time making it a reduction in real terms. I guess that is the telling of it.

Still, back to more important things, I expect from now on perfectly cooked meat, moist and flavoursome, with little or no effort on my behalf. Feasting a plenty.

The First feast will be tomorrow in preparation for the grand family feast (for the wife's birthday) next week. Keep you posted.


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