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Acceptable marmalade - but not today


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Although I am not one of those who can't live without marmalade, I have found that for those occasions when jam just won't do, the marmalade sold in Aldi shops is reasonably OK, with the proper amount of bitterness to balance the sugar.

I found it amusing, too, that Aldi's brand of jam and marmalade is "Tamara". Seems that, for Aldi and Alice, it's never jam today, always jam tamara.

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Why not make your own? Its not difficult tho' the copping of peel is time consuming. You dont have to use sevileoranges, grapefruit is good and have reacently made large quantity of lime marmalade with a box of limes bought cheap on the market- a realy tangy flavour!
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Nearest I've found is the Bon Maman Oranges Amères (oranges amères = Seville oranges) - it's a light, fruity, tangy marmalade. Avoid "marmelade" - yuk. Never seen Seville oranges in Normandy, I've always looked out for them. Another idea is to get the cans of "Ma-Made" from UK - not wonderful but acceptable and you can make it at any time.

Lisa, there is a couple who sell English food on the markets round here - I've seen them in Le Molay Littry (14) - she makes some very nice marmalade. I can't remember their trading name off the top of my head (Épicerie Anglaise perhaps??), but they have a website and will deliver / send stuff.


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Thanks Jo - will know to look out for the oranges ameres now. We have made our own for 35 years and have a cherished recipe handed down from the previous generation, so we wouldn't really want to start buying ready made now. My daughter-in-law, who is Spanish, calls Sevilles "funny oranges" - they just fall to the ground in Andalucia, so we can make it there, but even in January it can be quite hot and marmalade making feels as if it should be done on a really cold day in a steamy kitchen...



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