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Cote de Boeuf


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Do you have a recipe for Cote de Boeuf.

I have a million cook books and looked on the internet but can not find one.

I live in a very hot, non EU country, where very little English is spoken and I am missing France, french cooking and an everyday bottle of red wine is only a dream.

 I have the beef and herbs but it never turns out like it does in our favourite french restaurant.

Does any one have a recipe to die for.


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I'm just off to buy one for tomorrow for the bar b que, that is the way I like it best. Takes around 10-15 minutes each side, depending on how bloody you like your steak.


You are right DS you can get some hits with cote de bouef, but I suspect you actually did try cote de boeuf instead rather more hits with that.

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What are the recipes for côte de boeuf?  I always thought that it was at it's best grilled or fried, nature quoi, if it's good meat (or côte de boeuf à la moelle).

TU you mentioned bar b que, can anyone confirm this? (and if it's true LF can put it in their magazine free of charge!).

Years ago on a trip to the Loire, looking at troglodyte houses, we met a very educated Frenchman who came out of his house to speak to us as I was admiring his hollyhocks!  We started talking about different things and seeing I had an accent started to "chat" (thanks for the origin of that Dick Smith) about language and the origin of words.  He said that the origin of barbeque came from the French "de la barbe à la queue" (meaning a spit through an animal from the barbe, beard, to the queue, tail), which went across the Atlantic and later came all the way back as Barbeque.  Has anyone else heard this "tail"?

He also said that the distress signal May Day (is that how it is written?) came from someone shouting m'aidez (meaning aidez-moi).

Apart from all this interesting information, he gave me some wonderful hollyhock seeds, and being so easy to grow, our garden was full of hollyhocks thereafter.  

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The barbecue thing is a nice sounding etymology, but false. The word comes from Haitian via Spanish, a barbacoa, being a raised platform used for grilling meat (and at one time in English a sleeping platform).

If you think about the beard-tail thing it is quite unusual to talk about a pig, for example, having a beard. OK for goats. So French to be so certain and so wrong! It wasn't just Hollyhocks that he was full of...

Mayday is from m'aidez - but only seems to date back to about 1927 (at least in terms of provable, written usage).

If you google on cote de bouef you will get lots of recipes, several for barbecues/barbacoas/sleeping platforms.
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