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Hi there


I am debating as to whether to move my range cooker out with me in december, or leave it at my Uk house, and purchase a French range cooker so it is easier to install ( i.e gas connections)  Has anyone out there any advice as to what the simplest solution would be - - 1) How hard is it to convert to france , as when I contacted Belling they informed me that the Gas Burners would have to be changed.  Also I haven't really had any joy finding a £1000 range cooker in france - as they all seem to be chef professional cookers - nearer the £3000 mark.  Am I looking in the wrong place?  Our area is in the Pyrenees, near to Tarbes

Many Thanks


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There is discussion about where you can buy range cookers in the SW France section, have a look at:


You do have to change the jets to accommodate your gas supply, town gas jets are different to bottled gas jets and may be different again to the mains UK jets, you will also have to change your gas connection as they are not the same in France for mains or bottled gaz, but all the bits you will need are easy to obtain.  Get onto Belling and ask them exactly what you will need, they supply to France under their Dimplex brand name.

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