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Bloc de foie gras canard.

Jenny Rennes

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Hello again,

I've got a couple of pots of bloc de foie gras de canard.

I know how to prepare and cook fresh foie gras but what's the best thing to do with this 'bloc' ?

Can I cook it in the same way as fresh or is it meant to always be served cold ?

Seems a shame to just treat it as liver pate , n'est ce pas ?


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Thanks Dick,

I must say it all sounds a lot more appetising with melba toast - why is that 1 slice of dull mothers pride is always too much whereas a whole loaf made into melba toast isn't enough ?

Must be served with unsalted butter though !

Nice tip about chilling th bloc to make slicing easier ...TA !



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[quote user="Dicksmith"]I don't think you'll need butter!

A local restaurant (Auberge du Moulin de la Sée) has taken to serving up the foie gras with fruit and all sorts of bits and pieces. Not a route to go down, in my opinion.[/quote]

Agree, but your serving suggestion above (which is the way I usually serve it) is very nice with a type of chutney 'confit d'oignons' or a fig conserve.

My local resto is having a 'soirée sur la thème de fois gras' soon - have booked our places and really looking forward to it, lots of tasters I hope!

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Mmm.  Love foie gras.  I think that I have a tin of it in the fridge.


Certainly no butter.  I wonder if it will go with redcurrant jelly?  Perhaps too sweet.

Will test tomorrow.

If, and it is a big IF, you have some left over, it make a wonderfull sauce for chicken.

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Actually very nice !!

The one we were going to in Saint Malo was closed, still the fair was on, so we had  barbe à papa instead !!

We went back in the evening to Cancale, to one of  Olivier Rœllingers restos

in the evening and took what he calls "seaside nibbles" which is only

available at lunchtime and at the moment, only on Wednesday and Saturday, so it had to be evening.

Probably first and last time, unless my old mucker comes back next year !

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[quote user="Miki"]or splash out on something even better, a simple little Chateau Yquem 1921.............[:D]


If you are going to go to a wine wot costs a morgage then you can stuff the blok. Get a mi-cuit from a good butchers, it only costs about 65€/kilo. Saves the cooking and wonderfull to munch with the melba toast, oh and a little bit of nice fresh salad. Yum, yum!!!!


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