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Halloumi Cheese?


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Thanks for the replies, guess I'm going to have to bring some back with me in the Summer to freeze it or find someone online who will deliver to France.

Val - Halloumi Cheese (also known as Hellim) is a Cypriot cheese made from sheep and goat's milk, it's quite salty and usually has mint in it too.  The texture is similar to mozzarella but the crucial difference is that it doesn't melt so it keeps it's form when grilled or fried so it's great for barbecues (not that we've got the weather for barbecues on the Northern Coast yet!!).  Here's a link about Halloumi: http://entare.com/ezinewin01/Halloumi/story.html

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There is some on UK Ebay,

Eighty Tastes from around the world   is the name of the ebay shop,

The link I posted didn't work sorry but it is 5.50 with 1.75 postage to France, thats pounds not euros;

Is that a good price? I might get some myself , its one of the recipes in the Delia summer collection that I keep meaning to try and it sunny today!

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In Perigueux in the street behind the Indian restaurant by the Cathedral is a Greek shop. Helpful man insists on speaking English.

Got Halloumi and Saganaki there last week.

French cheese counters look astonished when asked for either.
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Sorry I called it the name of the finished dish as i'ts cooked traditionally in a pot with two handles.

I bought Kasseri but there are two other cheeses that can be used in this recipe.

Believe it or not for barbecues we marinate Haloumi in tandoori spices - yummy!

Saganaki cheese Recipe

Greek Appetizer


1 lb. cheese, such as kasseri, kefalotiri,or kefalograviera

1 stick (1/4 lb. butter

3 Tbs. fresh lemon juice

2 Tbs.brandy(preferably Greek)[optional]


Slice cheese into 3/4- to 1-inch-thick cubes or slices. Melt butter and fry cheese for 3 minutes on each side, or until melted nd lightly brown. Sprinkle with lemon juice.


Cheese can be broiled instead of fried. If broiled, do not use any butter. Place cheese in an ovenprof dish. Broil approximately 3 minutes without turning. Sprinkle with lemon juice.


Just before serving, pour 2 Tbs. brandy over hot cheese and ignite(carefully). Serve after flame extinguishes.

20 to 24 pieces

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[quote user="battypuss1"]Try www.epicerieanglaise.com as they will find you anything you like from the UK, even if it is not on their 'normal' list of stuff and the prices are not exorbitant. They will post it to you too.[/quote]

Are you sure they are still in business?  I have tried this time and several times over the past couple of weeks to access this site an have had an error message.


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You can get halloumi cheese from Jim's British Mini Market, in St Genis Pouilly, 01630. Shame I don't live there any more!


Actually I brought some back from UK in November and it is still in the fridge - the use by date is Aug 2006 - so no need to freeze it.


I blame Delia myself. [:D]


P.S. Where do I click to be notified of replies to this thread? I don't see anything with this layout of forum.[8-)]

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