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Jam Freezing

Alex H

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Our neighbour in the Limousin uses the fruit from our trees to make jam, as we are not there when the fruit is ripe.

He gives us a large quantity of jam to take home with us when we next visit.

As we are not great jam eaters, large jars go to waste fairly quickly (no preservatives!!)

Has anyone tried freezing jam ?

In smaller quantities this would appear to be the best solution.

Just wanted to know if anyone has tried it before I waste a jar in an experiment!

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You can freeze jam but freezing it in a jar sounds very dodgy to me. Why not experiment with a small plastic container?

If you freeze jam you can use much less sugar, or a mixture of sugar and artificial sweeteners as the sugar is not needed for preservation, although you  might need to add pectin. Refrigerate after defrosting.

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I did this last year with.....wait for it......Cherries! oh, and blackberries.

I used small freezer bags and when I defrost it put it in a small jar/tub, It works fine.  As Dick said , you can get away with using much less sugar this way.

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