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Tyramasu made with creme anglaise


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Well this is very Italian, but introduce it to your french neighbours ,ours love it,when I am in France I make a sp onge and cut them up, in England I use triffle sponges, I soak them in 300ml of strong coffee together with three tablespoons of Tia Maria.I mix a litre of custard with two tubs of marscapone cheese or riccotta,if you cannot use custard , make your creme anglaise  a bit on the thick side.Layer it in a nice glass dish and top with grated chocolate.
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This sounds a nice variation on a classic pud. Do you know, I googled a recipe for Tiramisu and literally hundreds of recipes popped up so in the end I made up my own version based on the basic ingredients and used some rum along with chocolate and coffee mixed together as the liquid part to soak into the sponge. Might try this one shortly as the local shop are stocking Birds Custard now.
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