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Sun Dried Tomatoes


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Hello margie

I have been making dried tomatoes on the back of my aga for years, i put then on a tray sprinkle a little salt (yes i know its bad but it makes the flavour more intense) and dried herbs and it takes about 4 days, I then put them into large jars of olive oil to keep them. I would love to have the sun to do this . but dont get my keys for another 7 weeks...... I have seen it done outside in greece doing it the same way as i do on the aga, you will have to bring them in each night. find some where hot like a tin roof  or lays sheets of tin down, and make sure its not a windy day or they will get covered in dust and grit, you can also make prunes in the same way, but it will take a few days.

hope this helps

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I believe that if you want to do it in the sun you need over 90°C every day . I started to do it in 2003 in the canicule but I waited a little too late  and we had rain. Probably an Aga or the slow cooker drawer of a range cooker like the one I have ( Belling) will suffice. I am not sure of the economics though. Perhaps someone else may have a view on that.
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