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>>>We are on a low-cholestrol diet, so cheese is out.   Can anyone give me a few tips on using fromage blanc.  I would also appreciate it if anyone can give me any low-fat sauces to service with fish or meat.<<<

Use Fromage blanc instead of cream when making a leek&onion quiche, or spinach quiche or left to your imagination quiche.

Boil some potatoes with unpeeled whole cloves of garlic. Mash the cooked spuds, squeeze out the garlic from the husks, salt&pepper and a dollop of fromage blanc, mix the lot, sometime I add some chives or springonions finely chopped or some grilled lardons but these tend to be a little salty so I don't add any other salt.

When dry-frying (i.e. no butter, no oil or other fat matter) a steak or a chop, juices run out of the piece of meat, when meat cooked to my liking, I remove and keep warm and I add some water or a small glass of wine to the juices in the pan, mix that thouroughly. It makes enough 'sauce' to wet the steak or the chop or pour over the vegs. Sometime if the 'sauce' is a little too runny, I squeeze a little tomato purée and it thickens the sauce a bit more or some mushroom ketchup.

Bon appétit!

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