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courgette soup


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I've just tried out a recipe found in my gardening magazine that is yummy and helps no end with the courgette glut: fry off some onions and loads of garlic, then add chopped courgettes and sliced potatoes. Quantities don't really matter - just use a big pan then you can freeze leftovers. Add at least a litre of chicken stock and season to taste. Simmer for about 20 -30 mins, then blend in batches. Everyone I've tried it out on (French included) has loved it.


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Same soup as above, but I'd peel the marrows first...

Variation: gently fry curry spices with onions+garlic, then as before; add coriander+yogurt when ready to serve. Will freeze well, but don't put the yogurt until reheated.

Courgettes are also tasty when sliced (thickness of a € coin), tossed with Edam cubes + grated nutmeg, usual salt & pepper, then simply baked (preferably in a deep dish) until a knife goes through. Pretty healthy too, as no added oil or butter!

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[quote user="Jackie"]

As most of our courgettes have now turned to marrows do you think these could be used instead or has anyone got any good marrow recipes please which will freeze?



You can make marrow and ginger jam - I did some last year and it was lovely, and a beautiful pale gold colour.

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