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Breadmaking advice was so good.....


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.... How about some help with my other Champion points "buy" my Morphy Richards steamer?  I know that these days "everyone steams" but I'm still stuck in the middle ages boiling or roasting veg.  I've had it all summer but haven't had chance to experiment with it because I was always cooking for guests and didn't want to use it on them for the first time and serve up rock hard potatoes or mushy carrots.  There don't seem to be any indications as to how long things should take and what "shelves" you should put things on.  ie presumably potatoes will take a little longer (due to size) than batons of carrots, so should go in the lower container?  Is there anything you shouldn't cook in the steamer?  For some reason my mum seems to be averse to putting haricots verts in it - any thoughts?  I know that a lot will depend on the size of the veg but how long for say an average charlotte potato cut in half?  Or haricots?  What about rice?
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I use a steamer but mine s just a saucepan with two perforated pans that fit on top. Like this I always do the spuds in the water at the bottom.

Potatoes are a similar consistency to carrots, depending on variety, and I guess that they should be cut in fairly small chunks to really work


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St Amour, I always put my potatoes on the first level. I guess that your Charlotte’s would take about 25-30 minutes.

After that I add any other root vegetable such as carrots because they tend to be in smaller pieces, say 15 - 20 minutes and then things like beans or broccoli for 5 - 10 minutes.

I much prefer my vegetables steamed. You don’t need to strain them and if you’re in the middle of a conversation which I often am, having had an apero, the steamer will turn itself off and you can drone on a little longer. They’re also great if you have a small amount of something which you might think not worth bothering with if it had to have a separate pan.

I find a steamer much more flexible than boiling in a pan. So far I haven’t had anything turn to mush.

Happy steaming.


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Thanks Hoddy, those timings are really useful, and as you know, talking is one of my favourite past-times too, so it sounds like it will suit me down to the ground!  Thought mum had got it all a**** about face with the green veg too!

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