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Which Flour .......??


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Thank you JayJay.

My OH has re-discovered pineapple upside down cake which requires self raising and I only had one bag left which I seem to be going through at a rate of knots.  Not only the pineapple upside down cake but choc chip and coconut cookies as well.

No wonder I'm not doing so well on the Diet thread [:-))] [Www] [:$]

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Apples is good too, in fact I think most fruits except bananas.  Or if you haven't any fruit just the treacle is good too.

Serve hot with vanilla ice cream.

My keyboard is going to fuse in a moment if I keep dribbling.[:)]

Another question :

What meat is equivalent to stewing steak?  I've heard bourgignon? meat can take ages to cook and is a bit on the tough side.

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I think maybe I'll make a little treacle pud. Ssh, don't tell anyone![;-)] Steady with your keyboard, don't want you coming to any harm!

Bourguignon is good & also for braising & stewing, we use bœuf à braiser, basses-côtes & also paleron. Jarret is tasty too, if you don't mind the gelatinous texture. It all really needs long slow cooking though.

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