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medical test for employment


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My work contract, a CDI which I've worked under for a year now says that employment is subject to a medical test. When I contacted the boss of my company asking when to have this test and what to do, i was informed that it was no longer required for their employees and that it was just part of the contract that was not enforced and that anyway, the company that does the medical tests is in Northern France (I'm on The Riviera so a long way to go for what i think is an eye chart, listen to breathing and very basic test from what I've heard from other people working for other French companies). I spoke to someone else who works for a French employer last month and he says he has medicals every year. I am worried the fact that i have not had a medical test might invalidate my contract however i have a copy of the email from the boss and one from his secretary saying that the tests are no longer conducted. Is it possible to arrange my own test and does anyone think i should or am i being overly worried. I don't work with anything dangerous...I'm just more worried about them saying my ocntracts not valid because i did not have the test.  

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I mentioned this on another thread yesterday, I had the test when employed on a CDD last year, many companies ignore the requirement apparently. 

As to whether it has been cancelled I have no idea, it is nonsense though that the test is conducted only in one place, I had mine in the Alps, it's where ever the occupational doctor is, I had to go to the next town but not the other end of the country!

I do think you are being over cautious but in these times who can blame you.  Does the contract state that you should have a medical as a part of the contract or that failure to take and pass the test could end the contract?

I personally cant see that it is your issue if you have asked and they have said it's not done, it surely must be the companies problem.

If you ask at the jobcentre you could well drop the company in it if they are just ignoring the requirement.



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