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Elizabeth David recipe.

Chris Head

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Chris I have most of Liz Davids book and most fortunately first editions that I bought years ago.  However it does seem like a 'med' book which I do not have.  A friend of mine is a book seller in the UK and I have emailed him to see if he has a copy and then can email me with the details.  Long shot............
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Sorry chris this is not the E/D recipe as I cant seem to find my books anywhere 

BUT..... this is a recipe I have used on fish and chicken before now,

Mix 2 teaspoons of cornflour with 2 whole juiced lemons (sieve out pips bits ect) warm slowley, and add a tin of cococnut milk and bring slowley to the boil stirring all the time it may look curlded at some point but keep stirring it will work it self out , once thickened take off the heat and add half a pkt of creamed coconut, stir it in. It can then e left to one side till later or warmed up for use. add chilli for extra bite if wanted. Hope you enjoy your dinner. Happy new year to you and your family    

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