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That was an interesting article.

 We went to the truffle market in Thivier once. I asked the price. It worked out at £40 for one black and wrinkled specimen the size of a walnut. I did not buy.  I am thinking of training my dogs!

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I found it very interesting as well. We have truffles on our property, in fact the local farmer that cuts our grass for hay brought his little dog around last year to show us. We followed him and his little dog to the outer edge of our woods and the dog got excited and sniffed around a little bit and in about two to three minutes started digging, the farmer shooed her away and finished by getting the truffle out.  He gave us the truffle and refused to take any of it, it was twice the size of a walnut.

I would also love to train my dog but at almost nine, I don't think it would be possible. However, the article inspired me and I might give it a go tomorrow with the stick as they suggested. [:)]

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The farmer came around a little earlier with his little dog. This is a new dog to the farmer's family (however, she is not a puppy but two years old), the little truffle dog from last year, has died [:(]. Anyway, he said she is still learning to find truffles. He had her search in several different places on our property, and two places were nowhere near oak trees or their roots, that I thought odd because I thought they grew on or near oak tree roots. She didn't find any, I don't know if there are none there or she was just not successful.

My husband is not here but if he had been, I would have normally been on my way to the airport today, the farmer knows this. I think that is why he came when he did, so not sure how hard he tried. [:)]

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I've been seeing something labelled as "Chinese truffles" in L'Ecrelec... has anyone tried it.

The real stuff, I bought a bottle in Dubai for what I though was a ransom. However they were runied since Wife kept them on the spice shelf rather than the refridgerator like the bottle said... :(

Personally I dont care for mushrooms much.

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