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naan/pitta bread


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It's raining so I thought I'd post a recipe. I've never done that before[:)]

I love a good curry but I've got to have a naan to go with it, they sell something that calls itself a naan in Atac but a) it's dear and b) it ain't.

I've been doing this sort of recipe for eons I found it somewhere but can't remember where and it was different I've sort of simplified it because I do it so often and can't be bothered with fuss.
So the recette:

You need
natural yogurt (plain without sugar)
flour bog standard farine de ble
baking powder  levure chimique
Probably salt but I never bother
A heavy bottomed cast iron frying pan or griddle thingy

pop the yogurt in a bowl I use two small pots to make me eight mediumish breads add some flour and about a third of a sachet of levure stir with a fork keep stirring and adding flour till it forms a dough...(I don't like sticky hands and the dough gets under my finger nails so I stir a lot till it's a quite solid dough) then start neading adding more flour until it's a good not sticky dough. Nead it until you get board, I do it all in the bowl. form the dough into a ball and cover with a damp tea towel leave it in a warm place for an hour or so if you have time.

Form it into 8 balls roll each one out on flour (you can add loads of stuff now by rolling over eg, slivers of garlic or cumin seeds or both or others.

Heat your pan very hot and slap one in (dry no oil or anything but the pan should be HOT) when it browns a little on the bottom flip it, It should then puff up and that's fun. When it's done it's ready.

I like to cook the whole batch ahead and sometimes reheat so I stack em in foil four to each parcel and brush each side with melted butter cos I'm a pig.

Eaten fresh from the pan these also work well as a sort of pitta (definitely minus the butter) and you can split and stuff them too.

I ran out of normal flour the other day so I made them with gateaux flour and no levure they were denser and according to the kids more like a 'real' naan.

Really simple and really yum and really cheap!

Oh I also reckon you could cook then in a very hot oven on a pizza stone but I've never tried.

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Thank you for that recipe Garlic.  I've used it several times now and it's a success every time.  We had a couple of Indian meals recently in restaurants in Paris and my husband said that my naan bread was better than their's.  I used to mess about with yeast, etc. and it was a bit hit and miss, so I'm really happy with this one. 


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Now this is spooky as I had some shop bought 'pittas' last night and whilst they wouldn't actually kill you they were not nice either (tasted slightly sweet and a funny texture) so I'm going to have a go at these at the weekend with a nice ruby, home made mango chutney and some beer - cheers! [B]
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Hello Garlic. Thanks for this brilliant recipe! I made a trial batch of Naan last night using SR flour and added some minced garlic - delicious and sooo easy. I am cooking curry for some french curry loving friends tomorrow and now I can serve some naan bread to go with the curries. Brilliant!Joy[:D]

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