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Can anyone tell me how I use the paraffin to seal the top of my jam? I don't normally bother with anything but I recently made some pumpkin cream (mock lemon curd) and after a couple of months the top had gone mouldy.

I couldn't find any waxed papers here in France so I bought the block of paraffin.

I presume I grate it and melt it but at what point do I put it on top of the jam? How much do I need per jar?

Thanks in advance....currently making lemon curd so this may need the same treatment?


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Hi Abi, I melt the wax block slowly in an old saucepan. Once melted, just pour a layer on the jam, making sure there are no little holes that air can get in. Hard to say how much, but a decent plug, so it's airtight.
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The parafin is melted in a bain-marie preferably as it is flammable. It is poured over the cold jam so the parafin solidifies almost on contact.

The  layer does not need to be particularly thick but must spread over the jam right up to the edges of the jar to ensure a complete seal.

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It's a bit scary as your pour in the colourless melted wax and watch it sink into your jam!  But rest assured, it does float to the surface and congeal into a nice white solid layer...

NB  Only use jars that get wider as they reach the top (the shape of Bonne Maman jars).  Otherwise you will have a heck of a job getting the wax disc out when you want to eat the jam!



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