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freezing tomato juice


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One year I spent hours making tomato sauce with a glut of tomatoes. It had vinegar in it so I thought it would keep in airtight jars. But sadly not - it all went mouldy and was wasted, apart from the first jar that we used straight away. If I'd frozen it, it would have kept fresh.
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I save some

of the jars that you get tomato puree in, tall ones about 720ml, I make  tomato soup or puree and then whilst it is still

hot I pour it into the jars ( I normally put the jars in the microwave first with

a little drop of water in them for a minute or so to sterilise).

Put the

lids on the jars, again whilst still hot and let them cool down, after a while

you will hear the popping sound as the jars seal themselves, it’s easier to do

than explain. They  will store  for  quite a long time , I just check  occasionaly that the center  of the lid  is still  depressed .

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Every year I have make tomatoe sauces with my extra toms and it has always defrosted well, as a juice you may find it might become a little watery , I would worry about that in my bloody marys , my advice is try a little first and defrost it and see what its like .[;-)]
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We have a wonderful gadget into which you put the tomatoes - skins, seeds and all. The machine separates the juice from the rest and then we freeze it. We've got about twenty litres of the stuff despite an average year for cropping. The make is: Rigamonti Passa Pomodori. Apparently, Point Vert has something similar.
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