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Tightening up on Law and order in France


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Congratulations on posting an article in French about France on this Forum.  It makes a lovely change to see what is happening in the place we or at least, some of us live and not have selected extracts from the UK media posted to satisfy the political obsessions of the posters.  More please Norman[:D]  Although please do not do a Pomhorn or you will have to be killed.[;-)]

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"more responsibilities for the Municipal Police - what is the difference

between them and the Gendarmerie?"

The Gendarmes have a military structure and come under the Ministry of Defence. They often live in Barracks

They operate in rural areas.

The Police Nationale operate in cities and large towns and are under the Ministry of the Interior . They deal with crime and have several 'Directions'

The Police Municipale in large towns come under the Mayor, and deal with things like parking

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[quote user="woolybanana"]Norman, has the Gendarmerie not recently been transferred to the control of the Home Secretary?[/quote]

Yes  I belive you are right. I think it was during last year.

However on the website in English it says  (and I think it is out of date)  "


The French Gendarmerie is placed under the supervision of the Ministry

of Defence. However, a goverment decree dated May 15, 2002 sets out that

the ministère de l'Intérieur (Home Office in French) is responsible for

the use of the French Gendarmerie powers, as far as interior security

missions are concerned..."

At the same time they remain a military organisation..see:


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[quote user="woolybanana"]Well, whatever happens, the police need to review their ethics as some of them seem to be getting out of hand. Yesterday three 14 year olds were arrested and held under arrest in cells for nine hours interrogated, threatened and verbally abused.[/quote]

A bit different to the UK where the police would have been threatened and verbally abused by 14 year olds (or even younger).


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