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I thought they were only suppliers to the trade but you can go in and buy just a 50g sachet from Masalchi, 46120 AYNAC, N Lot and online at www.epicebio.com

Only thing, the spices are not ground as finely as those in England so you may need either a bald child and a bucket or pestle and mortar, depending I suppose on the quantity required.



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That's an unfair question as I live only 2km from Aynac and was in the shop yesterday. But here goes .............

Rue Principal - when approaching from St Cere their very undistinguished looking shop is on your L before the bakery on yr R. Big window with "Primeur" on a whitish background above it. If in doubt just park then walk up and down following yr nose. Unsure of opening hours but probably 9-12 and 14 - 18.

Good sniffing.


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