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Yeast for country wine making

clarey c

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Does anyone out there know where I can buy yeast etc... for winemaking.  I hope I haven't missed a cruicial thread on here - my usual trick[:$] .

I don't really want to buy it in UK and have it shipped over but I haven't yet found anyone here selling wine making yeast.

Many thanks everyone


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Grapes have the wonderful attribute of having yeast deposited on them naturally and so after squeezing, the mirical of fermentation turns the juice to wine.  Other fruits are not so lucky and so need added a bit of help to start them on their way.

Here's a thought, how about making a yeast 'starter' by smashing up some grapes with a little sugar water then adding it to the fruit you want to ferment?

Alternatively, there are many places where you can, in exchange for a few euros, get ready to drink fermented fruit juice in bottles [;-)]


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