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Sauce au Foie de Canard


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Help, I have 2 (210ml) tins of Sauce au Foie du Canard, bought on my last trip to Dordogne, just found them in cupboard and can't ret member for the life in me what I can use them for.


Also found a Bloc de Foie Gras de Canard du Perigord, presumably that is the same thing but in bloc form???


Any recipes gratefully received and also if the recipe can be frozen then that would be even better but may be asking too much.


Many many thanks

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Never used a tin of sauce...however sause of foie gras is good for chicken breasts sautedor roasted and served with simple vegetables to contrast the richness.Heat the sauce very slowly....and make sure that it is hot.Check the date on the tin!


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The sauce might be nice with pasta and perhaps some light veg to off set the rich-ness. The 'bloc' should be a very edible little pate (sorry no accents on this machine) which you can eat with toasted bread, brioche, or savoury bisbuits - or you could fry it in slices for a few minutes and serve with peaches - also warmed in the pan.


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