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Love Wine!!!!!


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I picked up an interesting bottle of plonk in Carrefour today. Siof de Coeur. Nothing unusual until to read the back and find out it is a romance wine. On the inside of the front label is a code you enter on their website and get to meet other people who have purchased the same wine in the same area. It is the best mareting idea I seen for a couple of years in France. Just a shame the wine is bland, but then it did cost less then 3Euros.


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Its only down the road isnt it ? Be a sweetie and pop down and get it back......!![:)]  Own up did you have a look first ?

I think its a great Idea.... when Im in leclerc in Carcassonne next week im going to get us a bottle just for a laugh...... you never know it could be the start of some thing loverly [:-))]  

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