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ideas and suggestions please...


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Get some German rye bread from Lidl to use as the base - cut into bite-sized pieces - add a bit of smoked salmon and a little touch of horseradish with cream. Yummy! Or - while in Lidl - also buy some lump-fish roe (cheap 'caviar') - put a bit of that on top of the smear of creamy horseradish.


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Rose.  I vaguely recall this being discussed before but can't find the thread.  I did find one on 'starters':


I had to do canapes recently and relied heavily on squares of salmon on very thin slices of French bread.  The salmon here is much chunkier than the UK and quite delicious.  I'll see if I can dig out some recipes from a box under my bed....

EDIT - oh I see that someone else suggested salmon.  Great minds...


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Found this on another thread (both posted by Marton):

Quick N Easy Brie Nut Crunch

12 slices french bread   -   9ozs sliced Brie   -   6 teaspns. cranberry sauce  -   roasted chopped hazelnuts

1. Put the chopped hazelnuts into a dry frying pan and keep tossing till you see them brown.

2. Put slices bread onto a baking tray and place under preheated grill.  Toast lightly on ONE side.

3. Put Brie on untoasted side and put under the hot grill until the Brie starts to melt.

4. Spread each toast with 1/2 teaspoon cranberry sauce and sprinkle with 1/2 teaspoon hazelnuts.

Serve immediately with bits of crispy lettuce.

Roquefort/ Mushroom Tasties

Sufficient large flat mushrooms for the amount of people you are serving (1 per person)  -   Roquefort cheese   -   Sufficient slices of Prosciutto Bacon for the amount of mushrooms.

1. Wash the mushrooms and place them cap down and fill with roquefort cheese, now criss cross a piece of prosciutto bacon across them to cover and keep the cheese in place whilst they're cooking.

2.  Put in pre-heated oven and cook for about 15 minutes.


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[quote user="Clair"][quote user="Cathy"]Rose.  I vaguely recall this being discussed before but can't find the thread.  I did find one on 'starters': [/quote]
So did I, so I looked and found this one... by Rose... [Www]

[:D] [:D] I did have a look through the old post first but decided to post again anyway to see if there were some specific ideas for pre-'proper meal' bites... I never got to have my evening get together back then as we started working on our house and it was just too much of a mess everywhere... so Greyman's 50th will be our first proper 'party'  and we've given out loads of invites for all our friends... I'm just getting little nervous now as it's just a few weeks to go and I just want to be sure it all goes well [:$] so there was a little bit of logic in my madness... [:$] honest [:$] [Www] [kiss]

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You could do the salmon as pinwheels by spreading cream cheese on sliced bread, putting the salmon on and rolling it tightly.  Put a cocktail stick through it to hold it and refridgerate.  When more solid, slice it.  Mini quiches are always good if you have suitable tins.  Either do as quiche or cook red onions slowly in butter and add a little wine vinegar and sugar.  Put a slice of goats cheese on top.  Actually, I'm basing that idea on haggis tarts, but I doubt you can get haggis.  If you had haggis, then you would put a little haggis on top of the onions - or it might have been the other way round.  I've forgotten.  Oh, the pastry recipe has parmesan in it.  I think it is a Nick Nairn recipe.  Then there are gougeres - I think that's a Rick Stein recipe.  That is like choux pastry flavoured with cheese.  I have a terrible weakness for vol au vonts, especially mushroom ones.  No buffet is complete without them!
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