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Reinforcing racial stereotypes


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Following on from my request to find Piccallili when Twinkle kindly put me on to the forthcoming "A l'heure anglaise...." promotion from Lidl, I got the details in store today.

Apart from the fact that caramel shortcakes with Belgian chocolate are about as English as Piccallili (invented by Napoleans cook I read) salt and vinegar flavour apéro sticks are hardly traditional but I begrudgingly accept that they say "goût typiquement anglais!".

Selling jars of mustard and mint sauce is a bit more like it but they failed to either understand or proof-read the serving suggestions.

If anyone is invited by French friends to a traditional Sunday lunch I advise them not to go as they are likely to be served mustard with rôti d'agneau avec pommes de terre et petits pois or even worse mint sauce with rosbif, jambon ou fromage[:-))][+o(]

We already have a bad culinary reputation, we dont need more help from you Lidl!

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I have severe attacks of Zsa Zsa Gabor and Belo Lugazi talking about the old country whenever I shop in Ldyl. The old country these days is one of their early stores at Clapham Junction which was better than most soho specialist shops. The Anglais having only one sauce , mint rather than tomato, long predates Lydl.
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A little family anecdote: One day my sister Randy was discussing food with us brothers when she said, just as Ma Banana came into the room "See, us Bananas will go with anything". Ma literally jumped across the room and gave her the greatest hand across the face I have ever seen. Wow, did Randy Banana split as Ma was about to skin her.

I never understood what she had said that was so wrong. Any ideas?

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[quote user="Puzzled"]Lidl have frozen scampi in the same range as the frozen roast dinner. The scampi is first class![/quote]

Please tell me that you are talking about Lidl UK Puzzled [:'(] Or perhaps Dordogneshire?

The day that frozen Rosbif TV dinners appear anywhere near me is the day to pack up and leave for pastures new.

I bought 5 of the 12 jars of Piccallili at Lidl, I was tempted to take the whole tray just to see the reaction, now I regret not doing so, apart from its "oh so French" radio-active colour it tastes fantastic and has whole baby onions and cornichons within.

No part of it has ever set foot in England either!

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