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Good fish restaurants near Prayssac


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I don't know any specific fish restaurants but the Venus and Le Chumerie (spelling?) both have good menus which I'm sure will feature fish.

Venus is on the right out of Prayssac center on the Cahors road and Le Chumerie is down the lane on the left just past the old Champion on the road to Puy l'eveque.

Bon appetite [:D]

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Dunno but I know a "tyred" looking man who does :-


gives you access to all the restaurants listed in the Red guides.

Assuming you mean the Prayssac in 46 (rather than the Prayssac in 12), there seem to be about a dozen (including two with star/macaron) within a radius of about 17km.

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[quote user="chessfou"]It is in the commune of Noailhac (12320 not the other Aveyron Noailhac and certainly not this in Correze or Tarn). Look carefully between Conques and Decazeville - it is on the Chemin de Compostelle:


Thanks for this link! I know that area quite well. I nearly bought a house in Combes about 10 years ago, and have friends in the bassin.

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