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cooking a duck


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We have our own poultry and the other day I cooked a duck and it was a bit of a disaster. I prepared it as if it was a roast chicken, with stuffing, and covered it with orange juice. Then roasted it for about 2 hours.

The skin looked good but it was half raw [+o(] I had to cut it up and re-roast it, taking out the stuffing.

We have a few others to consume, so any suggestions for good recipes? Pat.

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I obviously didn't cook it long enough, taking into account the added stuffing, as Delia says 1hr 50 min sans stuffing.

Next time, leave the stuffing out or make into small balls around he bird. Or just use the breasts. Most of the recipes I found were just for duck breasts.

Good idea Richard, but we don't have a rotisserie.

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For a large duck:

Pierce skin and fat all over being careful not to pierce the meat.  Salt and pepper inside and out. 

Just before putting in the oven, pour a kettle full of boiling water over the duck (helps the fat start to melt).

Place on rack within baking tray and put in centre of oven.

Cook for approx 2 and a half to 3 hours on low heat.  Turn duck over every half an hour (and empty fat out of the baking tray).

The duck should end up with lovely dark brown crispy skin, while retaining moisture in the meat.

Make sauce from the giblets - adding fruit or spice or whatever you like.

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Duck legs freeze well, just make sure they are well wrapped, preferably airtight, ( suck it out with a straw![8-)] ) Leave the salt out if you like, It's not like you're using it as a presevative as I assume you will be cooking them after the 24 hrs?

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I hope I'm not wandering off topic here but I feel very happy today as my neighbour came to see me today and invited me to join her, her mother and her sister for a 'cooking' day.  They are making their confit (I think - greyman thought she was making jam but I'm confident it was duck) and she wanted to know if I'd like to learn some perigordian cooking [:D] 

Whilst I'm keen to learn I'm more happy that they wanted to invite me to join in!  [:D]

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