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Hot cross buns


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I think it would work, though the taste might be a little different. I would make sure they have plenty of spice and dried fruit. I have the village walking group coming back for OH's HCB tomorrow!



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Well thats done it then.    I'm definately making HCBs today, a double batch as I shall give half to our French neighbours who seem to find english cakes fascinating (and delicious!).  And puddings?    The ubiquitous Crumble ain't a patch on steamed plum pud with custard.    Bye bye diet for summer as well [:-))]
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I have just had one of my very occasional looks at the AngloInfo forum and see that a French boulangerie in an area not too far away, with a very high English immigrant population, is making HCBs, as it apparently has done for the last few years. I won't be going though, we've got the real thing out of the freezer this morning.
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