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Marriage cert translated


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Hi, does anyone know if we need to get our marriage cert translated into English and then maybe French before we come to France, we got married in the Donimican Republic and the certificate is not in English.
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Pauline ...........

Well, I'd forget about a translation into English, because you'll only have to pay twice.

You're right to be thinking about things like this, but (presumably) it's not something that you need to worry about overly till you get here? Unsure of the legalities, but doubt it. If and when you get here and require it, then you need a traducteur assermente, who is legally authorised and can put his or her tampon (stamp) on their translation.  That's then good for all purposes. It'll cost you €50-ish .............. but it's money for old rope, because any of us on here could do it easily - but can't!

You'll find a traducteur in the Yellow Pages (Pages Jaunes) and it's just a question of enquiring to see if they're prepared to handle Sp - Fr, but I frankly doubt if anybody would have a problem with it. A scanned copy emailed to him / her, with a return by post would do fine, so the person doesn't have to be on your doorstep. 

Hope that helps. 

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