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There are quite a few Marcillacs...I have been to three:

The one near Rodez with the airport, Marcillac  near Capdenac and one in the Dordogne. There one with the jazz festival but that is spelled Marciac so perhaps it doesn't count..as also Marcilhac sur Célé..where we went a couple of weeks ago.

The ones  I can see on Google earth are north of Gaillac though!

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The relevant Marcillac (where the vines are) is Marcillac-Vallon (to give it its full title or Marcilhac del Valon in Occitan).

Oddly the airport of Rodez-Marcillac is neither in Rodez (Rodés) nor in Marcillac-Vallon but in the commune of Salles-la-Source (Las Salas Comtals).
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