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Just got back...

I would look at the starter:

  • Either use some of the current batch as a starter and repeat with each batch (each new starter is from the previous batch of yoghurt). Eventually, the starter will be too weak and you will need to start afresh as below.
  • Or use a good commercial brand of live plain yoghurt as your starter and use as above (hold back some and use that as a starter).

Starter + 1l of milk + 3 tbsp of milk powder.

For creamier and more unctuous yoghurt, heat and reduce the milk for 10 mn. Leave to cool to room temperature before using.

Using milk at room temperature, either whisk by hand (for softer texture) or mix everything in a blender (for firmer yoghurt).

Pour into the pot(s), switch the yoghurt maker on and leave it undisturbed for 8-12 hours (I leave mine overnight, about 12 hours). Just make sure there are no vibrations to prevent the milk from setting (i.e. don't put the machine on top of your fridg or washing-machine!)

After 8-12 hours, unplug, leave the pots to come to room temperature, then put in the fridge.

Do bear in mind that home-made yoghurt is runnier than shop-bought (no emulsifiers/thickeners).

You can also drain it for 30mn in a muslin-lined colander before putting it in the fridge. I tend to keep it in the fridge and drain what I need in one of those permanent coffee filters...

Some tips here: http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=91835&highlight=runny+yoghurt

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Danone Bifidus or similar...

Full fat milk (red top or packaging) will give a less watery result than semi-skimmed (blue top or packaging).

If you are lactose-intolerant, leave the machine on for 24 hours rather than 8-12 hours. The longer fermentation allows for most of the lactose to be transformed and the yoghurt is easily digested. This makes the yoghurt taste more acidic and to counter that, you can add some liquid cream to the milk when preparing the mix.

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