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Vino and pomegranites


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Saw my local 90 year old farmer tonight and thanked him for the bottle of new wine he gave me yesterday. It's still working and lively but got a good fruity flavour.

I had my eyes on his pomegranites as his family do not like them - his son said they were not ready and went to the tree and decided some were as they were split.

Boyo what flavour! I hurried home with a few - can't wait until the rest are ready - only to find the wifelet making soup and sauce from the other neighbours amazing cornichon tomatoes.

Also liberated 10 kilos of windfall apples from the farm that just tosses slightly flawed fruit to the ground - there must be tons going to the wild boar, rabbits, deer and waste - it smells like a brewery.

Darnabit I forgot we were going to pick juniper berries near the dolmen.

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