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I bought a Peugeot peppermill nearly five years ago as they were meant to be the best and last a lifetime. Well I should have died - the grinding mechanism is worn out. I love fresh pepper but surely the grinder should last longer than 5 years.

I want to complain - these are meant to be the best in the world but I cannot find the Head Office of Peugeot peppermills in UK.

Any idea how I can contact them?

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I too love freshly ground pepper.  I have had the same pepper mill for years.  When I saw those Peugeot mills, I have to admit, I was mighty taken with them.  Loved the design of the one I saw, and the idea that they were so well made added to my lust.  But, having no disposeable income, I resisted my all-consuming desire to own one.  You have no idea how happy you have made me by posting your sad news, Dog.  Thank you for this unselfish act.[:D]
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Buelligan I am so happy this small piece of consumer news has made you happy. I will not tell you about my nice shiny Mac that won't work with dialup using Orange as you may get too excited.

I like to buy quality items, hopefully Peugeot want to keep their good name so I will chase them for a replacement.

The UK Importer has now changed to: Chomette Dornberger - just the name I'd chose.

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All of the pepper mills that I have bought have not lasted very long, usually due to the working bits hidden beneath the impressive outer casing being plastic [:(]

Then I bought some very impressive looking salt and pepper mills from Tesco and I am really impressed with them, they resemble a space hopper and you squeeze the handles in your fist to operate. The sliding grater is stainless steel and there hase been no degradation of performance yet.

I have also given 3 sets away as presents that have been well recieved, dont bother with the tiny magnetic ones though, not man enough for a real pepper job!

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