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Delia's Xmas pudds


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Hi I always used to make the pudds back in the UK and have at least put the ingredients together and where they will stay overnight.

Delia says to steam them for eight hours and that was so very boring back in the UK.

Can I please use a pressure cooker and if so for how long please

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I have just finished making mine (but I used the fat and sugar free version in Leith's - it tastes just as nice but is much lighter).  I steamed mine (2 * 2lb puddings) in the pressure cooker and found that they needed about 4 hours of steaming (the recipe recommended 6 hours steaming in a conventional saucepan).

Edit - I don't really like them cooked in the microwave - I found they don't taste as nice.  Reheating in the microwave is fine but not cooking.

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I use a slow cooker with hot water in the base and keep it in there for a day.

On Christmas Day, I warm it up in the slow cooker, putting it on the same time as the turkey.  That way, it frees up a ring on the hob and there is no steam in the kitchen.  You don't need to look at it until it is ready to be served.

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I use a Gordon Ramsey recipe from a BBC Good Food mag which is now a couple of years old, substituting Light (veggie) suet for the meaty type.  Luckily, the local UK BIO market stall carries a range of UK goods including suet and muscavado sugar and they're much cheaper than the stuff on the British shelves in the local supermarkets.

And J bought the BBC veggie Xmas mag back from the UK which has a great recipe for mincemeat and eccles cakes :)

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