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Frog's legs

Mr Coeur de Lion

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The legs are cut from the living frog and the still living body with the head are simply caste aside to slowly die, often in huge heaps. Also you should consider that these days nearly all the frogs legs are imported from China and the far east, all in all a fairly disgusting process.



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Also, the first person to discover milk from a cow. Just exactly was he doing with the cow int he first place???

Seriously though, is that what they do with the bodies? They don't even taste that good to warrant that kind of cruelty. that's bad.

So why don't they eat the body though? Perhaps it's poisonous or tastes worse than the legs?
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I have seen film of frogs' legs being "harvested" in China - enough to raise an eyebrow on even the staunchest meatetarian.  Absolutely horrific.  They are gathered in huge numbers.  As they are predators to many crop eating creatures - one does wonder if the money that is gained in selling their legs has to be spent on pesticide...

My neighbours still collect snails - keep them in little cages, carefully marked with the details of capture and after the qualifying period, they are cooked with garlic, tomato, chilli and herbs.  I've spent many a damp evening in my bio veggie garden collecting the little buggahs - got pails of 'em.  But mine are sneaked off on foot and under cover of darkness, to a wild green area by the river about a mile away, to start a new life with new papers and cover story.

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