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Graisse de confite de canard


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I hate waste and after opening une boite of the above I am left with over a pint of very pure duck oil, what can I do with it?

Answers from bricoleurs equally welcome.

I have a 5 litre can of Contect duck oil that I bought when I was an apprentice so that one is a no go, I do remember it being particularly flammable though, I used to love spraying it whilst someone was gas welding, perhaps it can be used as fuel?

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Gemonimo and some French friends who lunched here last week assure me that duck- and goose- fat does not have the cholesterol level of other fats.

So, go on, Chancer, you're worth it![;-)]

If Gemonimo sees this, she might come on here and tell you so herself.

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I read in one of the broadsheets recently about this. It definitely stated that duck and duck fat didn't contain whatever it is that is unhealthy in other meats and fats. It said that accounted for people from SW France traditionally being so healthy, consideing a diet rich in duck and red wine! [:D]

Just look - smiley icons are working again! [:D] [:D]

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Moderation is the problem  Sweet [:)] I would still have a good left eye if I could moderate.

I have a couple of other good reasons for giving up:

Elevated liver functions due to a liver damaged by malaria and elevated cholesterol levels.

Neither of these are cause for concern according to my médécin and are actually much better than they were 10 years ago pre malaria.

But the big wake up call was to learn at Christmas that my neice and my nephew (both aged around 30) are both very ill with terminal liver damage and will die unless they have a transplant. Sadly like most of their peers they are binge drinkers

The predisposition (other than to drink a a lot) doesnt come from their fathers (my BIL's) side as he has been an alcoholic for 40 years and would have croaked a long time ago, it seems to be on my side of the family, another neice from my other sister also has liver related problems.

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