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Can't help much really, except to say that in my experience Champagne is often as cheap or cheaper in the UK, as in France.  This is a very generalised statement I know, but family usually tell me not to bother bringing any over at Christmas etc, because there's an offer on at Tesco or wherever. Not on DP though!

I had a look at some of the major supermarket websites, but they don't seem to publish line item prices, probably because they change so often and then from store to store. You might find an 'independent' wine merchant somewhere who'll have a good deal going, but not much use to you if it's miles away from your usual stamping ground.

The Moet website doesn't help much either - no prices, just a load of fancy vids on how wonderful their product is. A phone call to their place at Epernay might give you a better idea.

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I tend to agree, Gardian, most especially now with the poor exchange rate and more generally with higher priced wines.  My belief is that this is because the duty in the UK is per bottle, not a percentage of the price, hence the costlier a wine gets, the smaller the proportion of duty - thus the lower duties in France on wines are less noticable with premium products.

When I was in Epernay years ago with Bottoms Up, I remember being quite surprised to find that most of the top champagnes were no cheaper there than in Britain, but that was 15 years ago - how time flies when you're enjoying yourself....

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Must admit DP wouldnt be my choice. In fact a decent red or a white Loire beats Champage hands down IMO. It is for a wedding present and as I will be back in France before the wedding day I was wondering if it was worth getting it then. Thanks for the input. Agree that the exchange rate makes some of the mid to high priced wines less attractive in France but you still cant get Corbieres, Minervois, Bergerac etc cheap in UK. Well not as cheap anyway.
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