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Hi all

Has anyone come across any french supermarkets offering online grocery shopping and delivery? I have seen some Auchan vans nipping around the neighbourhood making deliveries but on checking the site it seems that only a very limited range of foodstuffs are available for online purchase, and only in large (and expensive) quantities. I was thinking more along the lines of Tesco's online shopping facility where you can basically do the weekly shop and have it delivered, and your shopping list saved for next time etc. or is that level of customer service all a bit too far-fetched for France yet...

I'm in Lyon and we have most of the big supermarches here (except Leclerc for some reason, haven't seen any of them around).


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I believe that some Auchans in Paris and  the largest cities offer a limited range of on-line shopping, otherwise it is go there yourself and have it delivered.

I don't think that there are other supermarkets that offer on-line, but several offer a delivery service

I use the one from Monoprix

I checked our local Super U online and it says

Aucun magasin ne propose la livraison à domicile pour ce code postal.


un des magasins ci-dessous pour bénéficier du retrait en magasin

Basically saying what I said above, although it is possible that they do deliver in larger centres (mine is a town of 70,000 all the same)

You may find one here:


Picard (high-class frozen food) accept Internet orders


And you can order by post from Natoora and have it delivered by post


Surely part of the French way of life is to go and select the produce yourself, trying, tasting and discussing at the market with the producer for example?

I think you miss the point with your derogatory comment about 'that level of customer service all a bit too far-fetched for France



If you just want to sit at home and order packaged food  from a chain I don't see the point of coming to France.


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With commuting and work, we're both out the house 12-14 hours a day, so I looked into this 12 months ago, seemed a solution to the mad dash round half empty shelves along with most of Paris on a Saturday. Yes I could order and collect from most chains, some would deliver. But...........................they wouldn't deliver to flats, and this IS Paris commuterland[:-))] and delivery was charged from the depot, about 30Km away at EUR 1.00 per Km[:-))], and they would only confirm a weekday for delivery, between 9-6 [:-))] . I've not bother checking since, but maybe they've arrived in the 21st Century? Good luck!
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[quote user="Mr Coeur de Lion"]"If you just want to sit at home and order packaged food from a chain I don't see the point of coming to France."

There are plenty of other reasons to coming to France other than food.

I think the food here is vastly overated anyway.[/quote]

You certainly would find the food overrated if you buy it in supermarkets, and even more if you don't bother to visit them and choose it.

The attitude in the quotation I cited  is symptomatic of a lack of understanding that French and British ways of doing are different because there are different priorities, not because Britain is in advance and the poor old French will catch up one day ..

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I've lived here nearly 5 years and have been to many restaurants here etc. One of my French friends here owned a restaurant here for many years and mainly bought local produce etc. Just my taste then, because most of it I find very bland and tasteless. But I am getting a taste for hot and spicey food now.

I spent a month in America recently, and the food, the choice and quality overall was so much better. I'm talking equivalent types of area here too, I'm not talking city America v city France. I'm talking, normal every day run of the mill villages and towns, so a direct comparison.

But I never moved to France for food anyway. I eat to live rather than the other way round.
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Tthank you all for your helpful input - even you norm! You are right to an extent, my comment on French customer service was uncalled for - probably the result of a fruitless (ha ha) hour spent trawling the Auchan website. I really do enjoy shopping in markets and local traiteurs etc. But being 10 weeks pregnant with an active 2 year old who doesn't go to creche and finds supermarkets very dull, no car and a husband that works very very full time I'm finding it very difficult to get through the week on what I can physically carry home and fed up having to do it every other day just to keep the fridge full and the nappy supplies up to date. So that's why I was keen to get all the boring shopping done online and still be able to do the fresh fruit and veg and other goodies locally.

Thanks again - back to the drawing board...
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