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La Grande Tablée


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[IMG]http://www.producteurs-de-saumur-champigny.fr/images/tablee/aff_tablee_10.jpg[/IMG]The mega repas and Champigny imbibing takes place in the centre of Saumur wed and thurs evening.

Whilst reservations for the repas have been full for a couple of weeks....particularly good value for one's €uro.


Perhaps plan ahead for next year.[:)]

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[quote user="PeterG"]Damn, will miss it. I was there last week.[/quote]

Pedantic point it is Tablée not Table.

The expression is also used in french speaking Canada.

The reservations open on 1st july and are limited to I believe 10,000 persons, the list is full before the end of july.

Some aussie neighbours left for saumur at midday, their first time.

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