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supremes of chicken


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Hi we went to Fontenay le Comte(85) market last Saturday and as usual went to one of the local restaurants. For a change my wife had supreme of chicken stuffed with red pepper mousse. Then a thought ten people coming over for lunch shortly supremes! Yesterday Leclerc Hyper U Super U plus our local butchers. Yes chicken legs chicken breasts etc but shrugs of shoulders etc. Yes I know I can buy chickens and do it myself but with ten people coming to lunch? Breasts of chickens do not work so well but I thought that France was the gastronomy capital of the world?
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Hi read with interest the article on olives and I once went to a mill was it at Bize something or other near Narbonne.

However off track.

Supreme is the breast of the chicken but with part of the wing bone? and really is a classic French way of cooking breast of chicken. I holds it better today than simply fillet de chicken. Pierre if you (I cannot send photographs here for I do not know how) but if your Google for photographs of supremes of chicken you will see what I mean.

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There is no simple definition of 'supreme of chicken'. The term seems to be most commonly used for boneless chicken breasts, but some chefs consider that at least the upper part of the wing should be included.

From the 'Chowhound' website:

According to Larousse Gastronomique, supremes of chicken are: "the

wings (but more nomally in English the breast and wings) of poultry,

removed when raw. These supremes, which are also called cotelettes or

filets, are separated and served as small entrees."

According to

Julia Child: "Breast of chicken when it is removed raw from one side of

the bird in a skinless, boneless piece is called a supreme. Each

chicken possesses two of them. If the upper part of the wing is left

on, the supreme becomes a cotelette. The breast of a cooked chicken is

not a supreme, but a blanc de poulet, or white meat of chicken."

'Chicken supreme' generally refers to a dish of chicken breast (sometimes diced) in a sauce.

Edit - I'm not contradicting Dragonrouge, he posted while I was writing my reply.

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