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Takes a french chef to say London is cuisine capital

just john

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4 posts from one hit, better than the Tailor of Gloucester[8-|] 

EDIT: Some confusion on my part, I haven't read my faerie tales recently and the association should have been with ''seven at one blow'',  tales of faerie ;
incidently there is a useful recipe for a fruit fly trap. (it's cider vinegar and dish detergent-the vinegar attracts, the detergent kills)

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[quote user="just john "]

France doesn't even make the top ten restaurants, I must admit I expected to see France and a bit more of Italy?

One man's meat is anothers poisson[:D]

1 Denmark?  2 Spain? 3 UK? 4 Spain? 5 Spain? 6 Italy? 7 USA? 8 USA? 9 Spain? 10 USA?

 the worlds best 50 restaurants /1-50-winners



Wasn't the Fat Duck the resto that had a major food poisioning episode last year?
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