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Red pineau type wine.


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4 litres of wine or jus

1kg sugar

1litre of Eau de vie 60%vol

You can put many other things in as well, a couple of oranges chopped into quarters , plonk the ingredients into a suitable bucket with a lid stir daily for a couple of weeks leave to settle and then bottle it off. You need to make sure your eau de vie is a good strong one though, or it could start to ferment and if that happens it's only fit for the drain


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Sampled the blended wines yesterday, hic! The pineau type wjth eau d' vie turned out quite well, if a little sweet and really full bodied. Not being an expert on wines I wouldn't know if this is normal in pineau type wines.

The blend with port is an absolute winner and very enjoyable, maybe a little too much so!

Thanks for the ideas,

Regards, the boy.
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Interesting about the press you have made.  I was thinking along the same lines, maybe using stout timbers for the frame and a bottle jack for the pressing action.  Or maybe making the frame out of RSJ (but I'm not sure if my welder is man enough to do this)  My stumbling  block is what to use as a container for the fruit. What do you use?  Any chance of some pictures??

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[quote user="Cendrillon"]to the boy

I think you need to keep the pineau for at least a year before it will be fully matured. Don't forget that you should only drink pineau in small quantities and serve it  in small glasses.

Ooops. Nobody ever told me that.    [:$][Www][Www]

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