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Golden Syrup


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Just a thought.................

When I need this I end up buying good 'ol Tate & Lyles in the foreign food section.

Is there not an equivalent in France & if so what is it called?

I made Roses de Sables for my friend in the bakery you see. I use a tbsp of golden syrup which makes the chocolate lovely & squidgy but now she has asked what this "stuff" is & I have no idea!! Plus I am sure that a french version would be a lot cheaper than the imported version.

Any ideas???
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I made the big mistake of buying the liquid sucre de canne in the hope that it would be similar, it wasn't.

So no, most french people would not know what this was or what to use it for either. When Provencia had it in I bought a few tins and was asked what I used it for and told them. Next time I was in the checkout girl said that they hadn't like it.

There are many things that just are not used in France as there are many things that are not used in the UK.

The thing that always surprised me was that the french don't make or have lemon curd as a staple. Their lemon tarts usually have a mix very like lemon curd on them and everyone used to go mad for it when I made it.
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We moved back to the UK after 5 years in France. When our french friends come over to visit they always bring me some Mouseline (sp) instant mash, as Smash just doesn't cut the mustard and the little tetra packs of Knorr butter sauce and also the same make of pepper sauce. I was amazed to find that you can't buy it here! Another thing I can't get is Activia Mueseli yoghurt!! Funny what you get used to and miss when you can't get it!!

I have contacted both Knorr and Danone to ask if there is anywhere in the UK that stocks these items - but they say no!

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[quote user="kizpip"]Shoot me down in flames if I'm wrong (I've never made roses de sable) but runny honey is a similar consistency, so couldn't you use that instead of syrup? . . . though it may not be any cheaper . . .??


Not the same thing at all, even if they do look alike [:)]

The last time I found some Golden Syrup was in a Comptoir Irlandais in Brive. See their list of shops here.

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Wiki says

"In cane sugar refining, golden syrup is a combination of byproducts at the crystallization stage, but an equivalent product is made by beet sugar refiners by processing a sugar solution and breaking down the disaccharide sucrose so that some, but not all, is converted into glucose and fructose. This is either done by acid hydrolysis or by adding an enzyme invertase.

Typical chemical reactions are that the disaccharides are split by hydrochloric acid, resulting in a solution which is acidic. This is restored to neutral by the addition of lye, which is sodium hydroxide. The consequence is that syrup made according to these reactions contains salt (sodium chloride)".

Yummy [+o(]

So sugar with Hydrochloric acid added then acidity brought down by adding caustic soda.......Them French know a thing or to about food, I wouldn't eat anything made in Plaistow!


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As to using honey, yes you can put that in instead of golden syrup if you like honey. Alas my lot don't so GS it is.

I can buy GS locally in Leclerc or Intermarche but it just seemed odd that they don't have it here in France, particularly with the predilection for cakes etc.
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